Well put Infinite = )


Man dude that was harsh he's a newbie and it seems like hes trying to learn so cut him some slack dang.
How is that harsh ??? Hacking isnt about using programs. Its not based on OS's. Its absolutely none of those things. Its a state of mind.

You think in a certain way.

Example (Okay, theres a password on this database i want to get in, Lets see my Options, is there any Exploits, can i write a program, is there a flaw ??)

Its not, OK to break into a geocitites site, you download this and this, then u click this and that.
Lets get some Hotmail passwords so we can impress our friends and show them were COOL.
Thats how most of the people that come in here and ask "TEACH ME TO HACK" think.

If someone asks "Teach me to Hack" They will never learn, its about learning yourself.

Its about mastering and knowing tecnology very well. Its about finding exploits, making programs, its about Learning.

Until NeoMatrixReloded understand this, we wont get very far at all.

Idicatinig by his name, he probably watched some movies based on hackers, technology and said to himself, WOW thats cool, I want to be a hacker also.

Thats just my opinion. Think "Outside of the Box"


No offense, but if you cannot even figure out how to get an OS installed than you seriously need to think about what you're doing here. May I suggest bowling or perhaps a stamp collection as an alternative pastime for you? Find something else you're interested in, because I don't think you're gonna be very good at this one.
Agreed on this statement also, if you cant even install linux and are having major problem with it. What are the chances he will understand a complex exploit. He probably download some program, Use it, then have cops waiting at his house the next day. Then other poeple see the idiot on the news and say to themselfs, WOW, this guy is pro. I want to learn how to hack.

And the cycle keeps going and going.

Thats just my opinion. Sorry about the spelling mistakes, not the greatest speller hehe.
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