No i am not him he is me and for some reason you must mess with people like you're someone special. Every one is the same in many ways and when i try and learn you point out my flaws like its bad to mess up when you are beginning. Well ok if thats how you treat people you don't deserve what you have. You know what I'm sorry if i do something you don't like but instead of bagging on me why don't you try and help someone that is determined to learn and will not give up no matter what you or anyone else says so back off. If not i don't care ill learn weither you like it or not. You know what though whats funny is that I've learned a massive ammount of info in a time period of one week. Again I'm sorry if i upset you but I'm not going to grovel or bow to you feet so good luck some where else. What rules am i breaking please tell me i don't see any. I'm looking for help and i discover nothing but insults.
Life Is Not A Garden So Stop Being A Hoe.