Before you get all insulted, _LISTEN_ for a second and read what I'm saying.

1. You are neomatrixreloaded. It's ok man, we all understand why you made a new account. You do seem determined, and for whatever reason have decided to learn here. Fine, we're ok with that. Just stop making yourself look like an idiot and be a man and take responsibility for your actions.

2. Just because you _say_ you want to learn does not obligate us to help you. We see new chumps like you everyweek come here and say the same thing. It's up to you to prove yourself different from the rest. Talking out your ass will not cut it.

3. You absolutely CANNOT learn a massive amout of info in a week. Most of us have been at this for years. Hear that... YEARS. If you try as hard as you say you are, and keep at it for a sustained period of time, then maybe, just maybe you might actually be able to pull your first real hack in about 3 years time. I'm not bullshitting about this. What you are trying to do is not easy, and will take a lot of time. Think about it.

4. As far as you're concerend we are all 'someone special'. You know why? Because we know what you want to and you want us to answer your questions. You have shown a hell of a lot of attitude for someone in your position. Like it or not we have earned the right to be dicks to you. Why? Because we sit here week after week answering questions like your time and time again. When you have shown some participation in this community beyond spouting bullshit then you too may do the same. Till then you will either take our abuse and like it, or find somewhere else to ask you inane questions.

Put yourself in our position for a second. We do this because we enjoy it. We are a comunnity here. The people that run this board and make it possible are all friends with a common interest. You come along asking stupid questions (sorry man, but whether or not you realize it they really are stupid) and talking trash to respected members of this stie and then don't understand why we don't want to help you. Remember, we do this because we want to, not because we are obligated to. And the fact of the matter is you are going to ask dumb questions, and you are gonna be flamed for it. It's all part of how you learn in this world. Either shut up and take it, or head for the door. When you start showing some real promise then it will ease up. But if you continue to act the way you have been then you will find that you are not gonna be very welcome here.

The choice is your man, do what you will.