I almost 99% positive that there is a msdos command that allows users to view all ip addresses connected with the computer the command is initiated on. I have read a few websites on dos commands, but none seem to have what I am looking for. Can anyone send me a link to a website that does have this command? Or am I wrong and it doesn't even exist

Reason I am asking is, twice so far, when I have dropped my firewall I have had a program called "webdev" installed on my computer by someone. The guy (or girl) isn't very good since everytime they have tried I have gotten a system warning anouncing that they are there. So, with that my second question is what exactly is webdev? Just trying to figure out what exactly this guy is trying to do.

And a third, and final question, if I reported this to the persons local authorities, would they actually do anything? Or would I just be wasting my time?
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