Giz again...

I don't like BlackIce; I've used it, it didn't strike my fancy.

Why don't I like trillian? It's a memory hog; there are better FREE aim clients out there.

What makes GAIM better? It's open source, has support for plugins, etc.

I have ZA Security Suite, all I have active is the cache cleaner and the firewall; I trust my virus scanner.

I recommend a paging file of 512-1024meg.

I agree about the pretty effects, they just waste resources, same with a large background or the defuatl theme; the "classic" theme is still a very good one .

I agree about msconfig.

I don't however agree with running scandisk and defrag regularly, with an NTFS partition this shouldn't fix too many issues too often.

Also, if you're planning to defrag, go snag Diskeeper; XP comes with a stripped version of it, Pro will do you very good.

btw, TinyFirewall is for fags, you get all of that out of TeaTimer that comes bundled with Spybot.

I agree about the bullshit that ships with applications; they need to ship "unbundled" copies of software .

And yes, your computer will utilize your page file as needed.

Also, you may want to increase your MFT file size; you can do this within Diskeeper pro.

Also, if you need any utilities feel free to PM me on the irc and i'll give you "links" ...
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