i'm not flaming him or anything.

he just posted something that wasn't related to what we were talking to that's why.

anyway sorry if i offended someone or something.
ha ha ha ha ha ha

black^pimp, I like you. You are a cool dude. So I will let you in on something. If john posts in a topic and you think it dosen't relate. there is a 100% chance you just don't understand.

jonconley has much respect around these parts because he has earned it many times over feeding many people much useful info. He likes to dissapeer for 6 months to a years some times. But He is da man.

You might hear people talk about him like so

He is a god
He knows his shit
I whish I knew all that

But never like so

He dosen't now this
Don't ask him
He makes pointless posts

heh, you like my site. I bow down to john man.