Originally posted by DaMaRiS:
how weird. are u (bp) lyk moody or something!
are you blind bitch ??? I just welcomed the guy and offered to help me as he needs some. and btw check the authority list. Damnit.

you're really annoying damaris you should know that !!



black^pimp, I like you. You are a cool dude. So I will let you in on something. If john posts in a topic and you think it dosen't relate. there is a 100% chance you just don't understand.

jonconley has much respect around these parts because he has earned it many times over feeding many people much useful info. He likes to dissapeer for 6 months to a years some times. But He is da man.
heh don't wory learner.. i didn't take that as an offense or anything.

btw seriously i do agree with what you said above coz it's really true, i didn't think so before but i understood that with time by reading his posts and so on, he really is a clever one and deserves all the possiable respect, damnit man .. I mean the guy even offered to give me PS7 and his serial for free.. so how come he ain't good ? he damn is and i agree with you.

all the best jon and greetz to you Learner.

see ya'll

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