If you really want to bust your child *cough*husband*cough* for something, then figure out how to do it yourself. Don't expect to come on one of these sites and get all the answers. If I asked one of these questions, they'd flame me into charcoal dust ( I love you guys ).
Everyone here expects everyone to figure things out on their own. We just help eachother to find it. We aren't spys and we don't help spys. Keeping this code alive isn't about not helping out. It's about making people learn. I personally dont care if its your hubby, children, or your ******* grandmother. They have told you what you need to do to prevent whatever is going on from happening again. You needn't know what happened before, cause it can't be changed now, and yes we are saving your husband's balls from being squashed into pancakes, cause it's not right for us to get into a situation that isnt our problem.
So please, don't get pissed off at all of us because you come to interrupt the people in this community, with the expectation to have us all teach you things that you ought to be learning yourself. I don't think its all that fair that we are made the bad guys because you don't know how to look through files on your computer.
Take the time to understand that we do not advocate spying and probing other people's computers, we just like learning about how computers work. It's not like we do this all the time, and we refuse to help you just because all the guys here dont want to violate their male code. [Cheers]
However, if it is child porn, you dont need to find out what sites they've been on, you need to spend the time you would be yelling at us with to take your child/ren to a psychiatrist.
If it is just your husband looking at naked chicks on the internet, then lay off. I'd let my boyfriend/husband look at porn all he wants. It's no big deal that he likes looking at naked women. What(straight) guy doesnt? In fact, I would be very lucky that my husband liked naked women and wasn't a closet gay.
"I have been driven to my knees many times, because there was no place else to go."

-Abraham Lincoln