1. In 10 years time, I do honestly believe that we will not see such enormous changes that people would like to think. Yes, computers will get faster, hold more data, etc. etc...but the overall shape and size will stay the same. I don't believe that we will see changes in the way things are conducted over the internet as well. Email will still work the same, we'll all have our instant messenger programs such as we do now, we'll still have banner ads and java popups trying to get us to buy stupid crap. Ethernet, of course, will slowly but surely creep its way to become the sole way people connect to the internet (i.e. no more modems).

Outside of computers, I don't believe that cars will be so automated as to drive themselves. We'll still have traffic jams, fender benders, and other such lovely things that makes driving interesting. Airplanes (and you know I'd touch on this ) will undoubtedly become more and more automated, however, we will not see the pilot removed from the cockpit. People need to see someone up front that can use "gut instinct" when needed, instead of a computer flying the aircraft based on its own programming alone.

People love to have the idea that the government will slowly work surveillance equipment into our daily lives to watch us around the clock. But again, I do not see this happening. Yes, advances in technology will certainly make this sort of thing plausible, albiet unlikely. We will always have groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) fighting to keep these sort of things out of legislation. Furthermore, and certainly most important of all, the United States Constitution will keep us free of such hi-tech observation gadgets invading our homes.

To summarize: Things will not change as drastically as some people might expect. We will still go on through our daily lives just as we do today: posting about what the next 10 years time will bring.

I'll get to number 2 tomorrow. Question 3 is apparently someone's idea of a sense of humor, although a bad one.