I disagree with ya Unreal. How was things 10 years ago? Why, internet was barely blooming at that time. Pretty amazing as to what happened in 10 years no? I think there will be some very significant changes in technology. Wireless technology will be so commonn - most everybody will be using it. LCD screens will become the norm. Gaming will be revolutionized with consoles networked together. XM and/or Solaris (did I say that name right?) radio (satellite radio) will be a common thing. You know how we have video conferencing and webcams and stuff. Well, in 10 years, video/voice communication will be quite common. Most everybody will be able to chat with somebody on your computer and see their face on the screen and hear them talk. (you thought webcam porn was bad NOW....)

And I'm being conservative...

Basically take all the different technologies that are just starting to bloom now - and expect it to be a fairly common thing in 10 years. If you knew what all was breaking technology now - you may be amazed.

--As for the war on terrorism. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a terroristic related nuclear disaster in the next 10 years.
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