Its quite easy to predict where we will be in 10 years time since all you have to do is take the wold economy over the last 30 years and calculate a average increase rate --- nahhhhhh thats what business school teaches you

First I dont think that military weapons technology will advance to much in the next 10 years, and that is due to the increases in technology that have only happened in the last 50 years, war is too much of a controversial subject to approach and people are sick of it. Yes, there will be better war planes, battle cruisers, seek technology and a much more electronic type of warfare.
But my personal opinion is that the military is not to interested in researching new weapons of mass destruction, simply because there is allready significant amounts of mass destruction capable weopanry, for example, The Atomic Bomb (37 of these have enoigh power together to destroy all living surface on the plant.), later the Hydrogen Bomb, then we have a new type of super weapon that was developed by the UK about 20 years ago which is kind of like the Pyshic Beacon in Red Alert 2, it can kill anything within its radius but destroys nothing, so you can program this weapon for any type of radial distance you want and it will kill anything within that radius, its mad, so think about it I could be a complete fucking nutter go to Jamaica set this weapon up kill everyone and then smoke everyones weed and use theirs cars houses, dead wives - erhmm nah!

Well I dont think there is a need for more destructive weaponry, I think research as such is much more electronics and physics orianted, eg anti-gravity, teleportation and so on.

I think major changes will be that we will have a world online bank, a off shore based bank that will be available to anyone that has access to the internet. I think that peoples spending habbits will change dramatically in the sense of easability and accessibility, one project which I know about which is going to be launched in about 4 years (its currently being developed) will be a universal shopping card, I cant really go into details. But the economy will be forced world wide to cause smaller companies to break up or sell out and globalization will continues to grow untill these huge companies finally see that the public is ready for a globalized way of life.

More Nations will be forced to join the global economy and its globalization because otherwise they will be getting to the point where no country can survive without the joined hands of the huge Monopolies.

As for technology I can see that we will probably have 128 bit computers within 5 years available for home usage and also Unix based systems will grow into a huge commercial market and Linux will become a average home OS. Physical computer security will evolve into a huge market because more homes will have a computer for everyone, and privacy will escalate to alarming levels to the point that our home computers will come with Fingerprint identification, and face identification possibly to the extreme of voice.

But then thats only the physical end, for people like us the net will always be the peoples weak point "Do you social?"

Fuck Im bored now, I hate writing about this I could talk face to face to someone and a beer bottle for quite a fucking long time about all this.

I personally think that people will be more inbreed rather then out going and they will also be much more within their own universe.

Well ima find another topic to brain storm now.
The use of "hacker" to mean "security breaker" is a confusion on the part of the mass media. We hackers refuse to recognize that meaning, and continue using the word to mean, "Someone who loves to program and enjoys being clever about it."
"Its not a bug, its a feature" (Epic Games)