I am gonna comment on the war on terrorism and military technology thing first. I think that the military will make alot of advances in weaponry in the next 10 years, but not in ways that seem like a big deal. Those satellites armed with anti-rocket..rockets (you know, those dealies that are supposed to blow up nuc's before they come down on us) that they say will be developed (or already have) I think will be. Maybe even a a server for guiding sets of missiles that attack a target strategically. I don't think mass destruction will be developed much more, but I am not really sure. I mean, we already have more than enough to blow the earth up (we have all heard this) so there is no point in making more, or maintaining this huge-ass supply we have now.

In technology, i agree that wireless technology will become more popular and improved. I think fiberoptics will probably be as available as dsl or cable. I agree with almost everything SR said. Also, i think teleportation, holograms, walking through walls, and god mode, will all be possible....ok maybe not. And to agree with BS, i think alot of the popular appliances (like tv's, fridges, dishwashers, washers and dryers, and so on) will be more like computers, and networked. Maybe an appliance manager to control things from your pc or a touch-screen on your wall or fridge. Doesn't Bluetooth make something to make things wireless or something? /me has forgotten

Lastly, i think Bush will become a drug lord, but he will just be a puppet. His wife is the real brains behind the whole thing.