AOL buys large bandwidth Service lines called frame relay. On frame relay you can build what is called a PVC. Permanet virtual connection. Now you can build 300% over your bandwidth with using PVC's. The thought behind this is never will all of the connections be used at anyone time.

However AOL build about 800% over thier banwidth and dose not add more physical lines until they recieve X number of complaints. Kinda explains that hard to connect thing out hu? Each PVC can be assigned an I.P. address so if all I.P.'s are used up....

AOL also cares nothing about your security. They approach security the same way. They know of security problems but way till it is

a.) Public
b.) They recieve X number of complaints
c.) Both.

AOL has proven time and again at least to me that the only thing they care about where thier customer is concerned is thier money. It is a ISP/SSP that is purely based on making money. The only inovation you will see will come from a desire to gain more customers. Think of AOL as the Microsoft of the net.

As for plain english reasons

It is quite common to get booted off line for no reason
It is quite common to not be able to connect
It is quite common to have service troubles in general
It is quite common to be on hold 2 hrs trying to terminate your service
It is quite common to get telemarketing calls after you sign up
It is quite common to have a slower connection than you would else where
It is quite common for the net's dumbest people to be on AOL because they can't figure out how else to connect
It is quite common to find many script kiddies on AOL
It is quite common to be surfin a page when AIM pops up form some jerk you never heard of saying Hello!

How is that?