My assignment status
1 operating systems
1.1 windows - I don't actually know how most of it works but I've used it since "file manager" and have gone through the steps of the "best" and worst of the windows line.
1.2 linux/unix - I have more of a knowledge of how this operating system works MAN. However my experience is very limited, from not knowing where to look to get my kernel to accept my wireless card to having mouse and monitor problems first time I tried
2 Network - I know that the Internet uses TCP/IP protocols to communicate and transfer data, "That's all I'm gona say 'bout that" -FG/TH
3 Security - This is the last on my list to get done. All I THINK I know nothing about it except encryption uses algorithms to make data "unreadable."
4 Programmer - I currently have basic knowledge of VB, C/C++. I don't know anything other than the standard libraries and I don't know all of it. I don't know how to reverse engineer or de-compile software.

Maybe someday I'll be able to help put an "end" to cracking and spamming