Well, for some reason I don't think you'd enjoy programming. heh, call it a gut feeling. I think that you'll find it a lot more rewarding if you learned how to webdesign. It's fun, pretty, and you get results immediately. With programming you'd have to learn a lot to do something even a little useful - so it can get boring quick. But with webdesign, you can do a lot with a little learning. You can even show off your website to friends which would be kinda hard in the programming area.

So here's what I suggest. Get a yahoo account if you don't have any and setup your webpage with yahoo's geocities - that's my favorite newbie webdesigner starting ground. They have a lot of helpful information on how to make webpages - and shoot, you can copy the HTML on other webpages and start playing with it - changing it up and figuring out what things mean.

Trust me on this one - go webdesign.
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