To access the NT based machine, you will probably have to set up Samba. If you indeed want to learn more about Samba and how to configure it, you can find more about this, in this article.

When you install Mdk 9.0 it will probably auto detect your network card. As far as I know and done, you have to set the Windows NT box, to be the gateway for the laptop. Since the Windows NT box I presume has the IP, when you install Mdk 9.0 when you reach the configuration part for your network card, put this IP (or the IP the Windows NT box has on the LAN) as the gateway. You allso have to edit /etc/resolv.conf and specify the IP of the nameservers of your ISP.

You cand find a complete list of the supported Mdk 9.0 hardware here . Some Acer/Ali have drivers for linux. To find out more about who makes drivers you should probably search some developers. You can find out more about them on the Mdk 9.0 site

I hope this will help you.