Oh right..?I wasnt really set out to illegally hack into a guestbook and destory it. Hears the thing, someone has been leaving very untrue messages on this guestbook about me, all I wanna do is get onto the guestbook where it will show me there ip so I can trace em and find out who they really are.
(no the web master won't give me their ip's).

answers to replys: Im trying to find out who is doing that and why.
I can't work it out so thats why im asking.
Yes out of all the things I could want to hack its pretty lame but im not a hacker and have no reason to wanna hack unless in this case I need to get to the bottom of something

Is there NOTHIN you can tell me? not even a site that may help me, or a program? If not fair enough.
Yeah BABY!