"Back to the topic, I would not aim so largely, find an area that intrigues you and focus on that until you know it like the back of your hand. You will be amazed how principles crossapply to other subjects and how much will overlap as you go along." quoted from jon conely thats what i meant by
"You have to find out what they want to focus on first of all.. " Hacking/cracking is to broad a range.. you can say you want to crack programs.. you want to crack webservers.. you can't be a jack of all trades.. you have to diversify, thats why most groups have specialist in different areas of hacking.. and c++ is just as difficult as vb. but its easily ported to other OS's and jon conelly is right with the .NET thing being portable..
Well RedArrow can choose a mentor.. there are enough valid points here to make a decision lol
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