Im still a newb myself so I only have a limited amount of advice, but when I started to learn to "hack",all I wanted to do was try to get into computersa and crack passwords adn other programs. That is a horrible way to start to learn. My best suggestion to you is to, lean programming languages, start with something easy where you dont need a compiler. HTML would be a great start, very easy to learn, and you see results fast. Then move on to a scripting lagnuage where you also dont need a compiler, but has a closer structure to actual programming like Java Script, it would help you learn acutall programmign stucture and allows you to build of your HTML experience. After that I suggest to go into Visual Basic, it is an easy language to learn, but it really gets you into the feel of programming, its a bit slower to see results but its worth it for what comes next. Once your comfterable with Visual Basic move on to C++. This can be a hard language to learn, and you will be happy that you took the time to learn those others languages, to help you with it. This is a great steps to take I think, it takes a long time, but you cant expect to learn to hack over night. Dont stop with these tho keep going, learn other languages, master different OS like linux/unix, and always read.