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by Herbert_Sherbert
09/07/15 10:34 AM
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#17096 - 07/26/02 06:07 AM Re: C, C++ or C#?
SilentRage Offline
DollarDNS Owner

Registered: 03/04/02
Posts: 1273
Loc: OH, USA
Assembler is elite! And my grounds for eliteness is the power a language provides. Assembler can do more than any other language besides machine code - heh. I don't particularly care that it is more difficult to learn or that it takes longer to program in or anything like that. Any program can be decompiled to it's assembler state and modified and recompiled.


languages that != elite are those with huge overhead. Instead they can deserve names like "useful" or "convenient" or "answer-to-our-prayers" whatever...
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#17097 - 07/27/02 11:16 PM Re: C, C++ or C#?
Asteos Offline

Registered: 03/04/02
Posts: 217
Loc: Nadia
I believe the origninal question was what diffrentiates C, C++, and C#?
I'm a little confused as far as the C++ goes. There's so many diffferent versions I've heard of. What's the differences between them? There's Turbo C++, Visual C++ (Microsoft?), and then juss plain ol' C++. My uncle wants me to learn C++ because it's a major language n shit but personally I'm more of a perl guy. I've been looking into perl for a long time and have collected a bunch of books on it, now it's just a matter of finding time to study them. Is it a good idea to learn perl before starting C++?
C++ is an object oriented language, as opossed to C, which I'm pretty sure is not. Iv'e never heard of C# so I don't know about that one. Just what the hell is C# anyway?
=~ s/boredom/ studies/g

#17098 - 07/28/02 01:10 PM Re: C, C++ or C#?
dashocker Offline

Registered: 03/05/02
Posts: 524
Loc: Cornfields everywhere...
Heh, Asteos, PERL rules! learn it if u can. The only downside i see to it is it is a scripting and not compiled language. All u need to get a good handle in it is a begginer book (I prefer the teach urself in 24 hours series) and the included documentation.

#17099 - 07/29/02 12:12 PM Re: C, C++ or C#?
Scallion Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 03/04/02
Posts: 48
Loc: iraq
I'm all about the PHP. C++ is good, C is hard to deal with the pointers and stuff, and C# is just a pathetic m$ attempt at Java.

Nono, let me rephrase that for SR: I believe that C# is a microsoft alias to Java, but I deeply respect those users of C# and the lovers of M$.

PHP is sleek, fast, object oriented, high level, easy to use, network's everything you want in a high level language. For down and dirty work on OS stuff, I go for the C though.

#17100 - 07/29/02 04:02 PM Re: C, C++ or C#?
SephiroX Offline

Registered: 03/02/02
Posts: 122
Loc: England
So what your saying is, C can do deeper into programing then c++?

#17101 - 07/29/02 04:56 PM Re: C, C++ or C#?
SilentRage Offline
DollarDNS Owner

Registered: 03/04/02
Posts: 1273
Loc: OH, USA
lol scallion. Feel free to target products with your flames (if somebody takes it personal than that's their problem), just don't target mass groups of people and you won't irritate me (and everybody else) much - (unless you go into over-used subjects like windows and shit)

C# fits under my definition of "useful" or "convenient" or whatever. It certainly does not match what I would consider 'elite'. It's cause of the overhead. overhead sucks big turn-pike. Perl also has huge overhead which is why I do NOT recommend using perl to write anything for the windows platform unless it be CGI backends. And for mean programs, not for any platform. Perl was provided to simplify coding for platform independant programming. You do NOT want to write firewalls in perl for example.

C++ and especially ANSI-C kicks all kinds of cheek. VC++ doesn't count. I love pointers. I've actually manipulated pointers in VB I love 'em so much.
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#17102 - 07/31/02 06:31 AM Re: C, C++ or C#?
psychogen Offline

Registered: 03/02/02
Posts: 257
Loc: UK

Well ASM is the language to understand, but actually coding in ASM is allmost impossible from my point of view. Understaning ASM is another thing, but writing it - hmm I dunno on that one.

Well impossible is a bit harsh its just im too lazy to dedicate my head to it I prefer knowing what to look for when debugging/hooking applications than to actually learn its raw code outline.

My personal choice would be C++ sofar because as stated in another post up there its the only language which I have been exposed too and also because I love its relevance to Java, which makes Java a whole lot easier to understand if you know C++.

But since I am spending more and more time on *nix platforms now I really am wanting to get aquainted with C. But lets see everything with its time.

And C# is something I will definately invest in learning cause from what I have seen what .net apps are able to do I am totally for it.

Ohh and Seph, what they mean is that C as it is a predecessor to C++ (C with classes) it has more power over the manipulation of the system itself, you can write C code that will be understood by, I guess, allmost all platforms but C++ is much more architecture sepcific, for example, Coding C++ under Linux will be different to coding C++ under Windows - why? Cause those platforms are already compiled with their default Header file names and so on, accessing a system resource or a shared driver/kernel file would be handled differently under the two platforms. Whereas C is more of a universal language that requires more in depth programming but will achieve in allmost every case the same results under the two platforms.

Bah I think I explained that allright but I think i mixed up a point there somehere, someone have a look!
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