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by Herbert_Sherbert
09/07/15 10:34 AM
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#18991 - 06/19/02 11:25 AM Decoding flash
Paragon Offline

Registered: 06/14/02
Posts: 168
How do I get the source code from a page that has flash? Not the HTML, but for the flash part.

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#18992 - 06/19/02 03:01 PM Re: Decoding flash
Gremelin Offline

Community Owner

Registered: 02/28/02
Posts: 7193
Loc: Portland, OR; USA
View the Source of the page, (view --> Source) then search for .swf, then make a small webpage or use frontpage and type in the url of the flash, then save it to your disk...

I hope thats what you're asking, how to save the flash...
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#18993 - 06/20/02 04:48 AM Re: Decoding flash
Paragon Offline

Registered: 06/14/02
Posts: 168
Er, no. I could have done that. What I wan't to know is how to find the flash's source code.

#18994 - 06/20/02 06:41 AM Re: Decoding flash
SilentRage Offline
DollarDNS Owner

Registered: 03/04/02
Posts: 1273
Loc: OH, USA
Usually they're .swf files - not .fla. And a much easier way to do things is copy the .swf files from your temporary internet files and open it with IE to view it. But no source code is available unless there is a utility out there that decompiles flash files.

If that's your question, I'd do a search for one.
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#18995 - 06/20/02 07:18 AM Re: Decoding flash
Paragon Offline

Registered: 06/14/02
Posts: 168
OK, thanks! I'll do that.

#18996 - 06/20/02 01:19 PM Re: Decoding flash
Le4rner Offline
UGN Supporter

Registered: 03/05/02
Posts: 562
There is now source for flash man... It's more like an images than a program. What you use to make flash movies is kinda like an advanced paint brush program. You can add java script to the file to get certain elements in the movie to do things, but once the file is exported as an swf file there is noe source. Before that it's a Fla file.

Now you can make flash movies with code however. There is a way to creat flash movies on the fly using PHP. There is also a mark-up language out ther called SMIL

That is probably what you want. Search GOOGLE or web monkey for SMIL and learn that. the browser support isn't the best right now, but it is a growing language..

#18997 - 06/20/02 04:41 PM Re: Decoding flash
Paragon Offline

Registered: 06/14/02
Posts: 168
OK, the thing is, I want to find some access codes to a hidden part of the matrix website. There's a (sort of) hidden flash panel that opens up with a liitle panel on that which opens up that has a button under it that makes another panel drop down which is used to enter binary codes to access various pages. Wow that's a long sentence! OK, it the official matrix website. I found the panel by messing around. Well I looked on the internet and tried to find the codes, but at first I couldn't find anything. When I finally did, I found a short list of codes, but I had already found more than that just by playing around with different values. So I want to have a look at the source code (it's in flash) to see what all the possible values are. Just like you can do at another hidden part of the site. You can look at the HTML source and see all the valid codes.

#18998 - 06/20/02 06:55 PM Re: Decoding flash
Le4rner Offline
UGN Supporter

Registered: 03/05/02
Posts: 562
?? What the fuck are you talking about? There is no source code to flash dude. How do you know it is in flash? There is souce code to PHP which can make flash on the fly. Look

That is the company the makes flash product. Down load the FlashXP 30 trial. It is fully functional it just don't work after 30 days if you don't register it.

Then you can get a better idea of what flash is.

For a tut on how to use it. The flash 5 tut will teach you enough about this one to have you up in no time.

#18999 - 06/20/02 09:05 PM Re: Decoding flash
BackSlash Offline
UGN's Resident Homo

Registered: 03/16/02
Posts: 599
Loc: TN
ya, that clown is correct
"It's better to burn out, than to fade away."

#19000 - 06/20/02 09:35 PM Re: Decoding flash
Cold Sunn Offline

Registered: 03/03/02
Posts: 574
Loc: us
I think maybe he found a hard way of getting to or something and found javascript or something. I don't know. Maybe he is just some crazy meth addict friend of Mustard's. no nevermind they are in the pot circle...

#19001 - 06/21/02 05:06 PM Re: Decoding flash
Le4rner Offline
UGN Supporter

Registered: 03/05/02
Posts: 562
It must be that new flash javascript. [Joker]

This is the source you are lokking for.

 </MAP> <script  language="JavaScript"><!--     
        if(document.images) {
                rollout = new Image(186,79);
                rollout.src = "img/spacer.gif";
        rollover1 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover1.src = "img/morpheuscode.gif";

		rollover2 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover2.src = "img/darrowcode.gif";

	    rollover3 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover3.src = "img/trinitycode.gif";

		rollover4 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover4.src = "img/steakcode.gif";

		rollover5 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover5.src = "img/skrocecode.gif";

		rollover6 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover6.src = "img/darrowcode.gif";		

        rollover7 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover7.src = "img/reflectioncode.gif";		

        rollover8 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover8.src = "img/sagacode.gif";

        rollover9 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover9.src = "img/dejavucode.gif";

   		rollover10 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover10.src = "img/wrongnumbercode.gif";

        rollover11 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover11.src = "img/sentinelcode.gif";

        rollover12 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover12.src = "img/nebcode.gif";
        rollover13 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover13.src = "img/neobulletcode.gif";
        rollover14 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover14.src = "img/mirrorcode.gif";
        rollover15 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover15.src = "img/agentcode.gif";
        rollover16 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover16.src = "img/lobbycode.gif";
        rollover17 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover17.src = "img/crashcode.gif";
        rollover18 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover18.src = "img/codetokyo2.gif";
        rollover19 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover19.src = "img/codelaurence2.gif";
        rollover20 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover20.src = "img/codecarrie2.gif";
        rollover21 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover21.src = "img/codekeanu2.gif";
        rollover22 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover22.src = "img/codeowen2.gif";
        rollover23 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover23.src = "img/codegeof2.gif";
        rollover24 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover24.src = "img/codeguns2.gif";
        rollover25 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover25.src = "img/codeskroce2.gif";
        rollover26 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover26.src = "img/chrysaliscode.gif";
        rollover27 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover27.src = "img/codebill.gif";
        rollover28 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover28.src = "img/codered.gif";    
        rollover29 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover29.src = "img/code_explosion.gif";

        rollover30 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover30.src = "img/reload.gif";
       <!--  rollover31 = new Image(186,79);
                rollover31.src = "img/jue.gif";-->

is the root URL to proceed the img statements

in other words

BTW dude. There isn't 1 once of flash on that site....

#19002 - 06/24/02 02:26 PM Re: Decoding flash
Paragon Offline

Registered: 06/14/02
Posts: 168
"Enter Flash Version"
Click that. You will see a panel at the top of the screen. At the right hand side of the panel there is a yellow button. Click. To the right of the text "HTML Version" is a little square panel. Click to reveal a button. Click.
Another panel comes down covering that one. Open the panel.
This is where you enter the binary access codes. This is not the part. Nor is it the part where you enter the text codes. Of which I know all. It's in the HTML code. Easy.
Try a few binary combinations until you find one that lights up the green light, and click enter. I highly recommend 11010100. [Thumb]

#19003 - 06/26/02 05:06 AM Re: Decoding flash
Paragon Offline

Registered: 06/14/02
Posts: 168
So no-one can help?
Did anyone check out the pic?

#19004 - 06/26/02 09:59 AM Re: Decoding flash
Grifter Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 05/25/02
Posts: 81
Loc: Who is this?
uhh all u do it type in the code that apears on the screen like code=laurence and u get a movie of shit they did, its not really hacking it its just kinda a gimick
As i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i carry a big stick because i am the badest mother****er in the valley

#19005 - 06/26/02 12:19 PM Re: Decoding flash
Paragon Offline

Registered: 06/14/02
Posts: 168
God damnit!!!
No-one is reading my friggin posts! Read what I posted. I AM NOT TRYING TO GET TO HACKTHEMATRIX.COM!
And I never said it was hacking! I know it's a gimmick!
Just read my post. Geeze.

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