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by Gremelin
10/05/15 06:01 PM
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#25275 - 11/03/03 12:55 AM What not to do to your *nix machine
Infinite Offline

Registered: 03/09/02
Posts: 1041
Loc: Canada eh
Taken from #undergroundnews

[17:40] how do I go about mounting it?
[17:40] <@SilentRage> oh oh
[17:40] <%Infinite> mkdir /mnt/win
[17:40] <%Infinite> mount /dev/hda# /mnt/win
[17:40] <%Infinite> oh oh what?
[17:41] <@SilentRage> I wanted to answer
[17:41] <%Infinite> oh, sorry
[17:41] <@SilentRage> I was deliberating over the mnt name
[17:41] <%Infinite>
[17:41] <@SilentRage>
[17:43] <@SilentRage> dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/win
[17:43] * @SilentRage snickers evilly
[17:43] <%Infinite> yeh, do that chem
[17:43] <%Infinite> that'll mount that sum bitch alright
[17:44] <@SilentRage> actually I guess you don't need a mount point
[17:45] [chem@localhost chem]$ if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/win
[17:45] <%Infinite> if it was mounted then it'd be funny, but if it was unmounted then it would do shit
[17:45] [chem@localhost chem]$
[17:45] <@SilentRage> but if he just shuts off the computer
[17:45] didnt do anything
[17:45] <@SilentRage> I don't think the change will take effect
[17:45] I do it wrong?
[17:45] <%Infinite> ahahahaha
[17:45] <%Infinite> omg
[17:45] <%Infinite> he did it
[17:45] * %Infinite pees himself
[17:45] <@SilentRage> oh shit
[17:46] it did nothing
[17:46] <@SilentRage> shut off the PC chem! don't let it right to the disk!
[17:46] <@SilentRage> write
[17:46] <@SilentRage> unplug!
[17:46] <@SilentRage> safest way!
[17:46] <@SilentRage> omg
[17:46] Im trusting you
[17:49] * Chem Quit (Ping timeout)

Nuff said.


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#25276 - 11/03/03 12:59 AM Re: What not to do to your *nix machine
Chem Offline
UGN News Staff

Registered: 10/13/02
Posts: 364
Loc: Vagabond (Location Differs)
Whats the lesson learned?
Dont trust SilentRage.
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#25277 - 11/03/03 12:31 PM Re: What not to do to your *nix machine
paradox Offline

Registered: 08/28/03
Posts: 240
Loc: New Zealand
lesson learned is use man man page before you run the commands
The wise make mistakes, the fools repeat them
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#25278 - 11/25/03 09:52 AM Re: What not to do to your *nix machine
weeve Offline
UGN Super Poster

Registered: 10/29/02
Posts: 616
Loc: The Beach
man pages lmao, mount is something very easy to learn with the right mentor:X wondering what o/s chem is using, not to mention that most have a automount setting on install if it's on the same partition table. Heh chem you can trust ole weeve if you need help in the future, I'm usually on the irc server. Unless I'm on vacation, but this week I'll be in NYC. I may have access, I may not. Either way, freakin use the tools you can. google is the best bet for a faq on anything you want to know.

if it was slackware, I'd say "damn it chem, go to, and read all of the faq, and then you can start schooling some of the ppl here on some questions/topics. Heh 90% of the ppl out there fail to read the manual. But I can say with over 8 years of expierence in that area, I tend to not like the manual very much, it gets updated a hell of lot. Do to stupid ppl changing things that have worked fine the way they did for years. Heh for example mount!:X dumb asses changed the command structure for what? No reason we just like the way it reads better this way:\
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