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by Herbert_Sherbert
09/07/15 10:34 AM
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#26740 - 04/13/04 07:29 AM Give and Take
weeve Offline
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Registered: 10/29/02
Posts: 616
Loc: The Beach
Give, and take. Is not like sharing right? in a relationship? I really dunno anymore if women, men, if humans...really get what they want, or what things are, it's like we all used to be so close, now were separating like cells dividing in mitosis. I want to think there are people that get this, and aren't just fucking around on a constant sarcasm trip. That can pull the dick back, drop the fuckin misinterpretation, stop being so one sided, like yea I said dick, this is a dick, that's a dick, I can be a dick, dick is a name, it's as simple as you all make it, human kind around me, I say something you can shift one way or the other.

What I see are lots of others. I see few like me that can really take the heat for most of this inflamed egotistical animalistic nature growing. I mean hey..I like animalistic nature more then the next guy, but shit that's for the bed, not heated conversations that end in lost friendships over a fuckin cup of coffee being with sugar or cream or both. *shakes head* it all seems to make no sense, how everything got so god damn complex so fast.

Anyone wanna explain it to me in their way? Talk about it, calm, laid back, chill. Not all fucking happy hippy jumping around losing sight of the real, real people. Fun, and happiness is chill. But for real on reality you gotta show all sides, and right now I see myself on a shell of existences the fuckin core of the world bottomed out. We're all fucked because we've already lost our humanity, and we don't even know it. Or for that matter care. For most.

Shit maybe I'm not conforming to some new idea, or maybe I am, but I know I'm not about bandwagons, and I sure as hell did sit there on a greyhound bus for hours on end many times talking to people I didn't know, having smokes with them, meals, experiences, talking about every facet of life, or simplicity. Talking so much, that some reached a level I didn't think existed.

Nomads it seems, the people that keep going. Rich or poor, with the right idea, or just one that gets by, a roof worker, or two kids going back arrested underage, a lsd salesman, a laid back raver chick getting laid by that salesman, the chick who started hitting on me before they met, a Indian guy, a few colored guys, a few Mexicans, a few Europeans, a dood I even forget his face, a contractor, doing work all over, traveling, living life in his 30's. Something someday I myself may do. not to work about marriage till I'm good, and ready to say I've accomplished things, and been to where I wanted to be. I found my place, settled there, married, and had kids. Or had kids, and married. Fuck the church, I'm confirmed but I'm not a follower. I believe in deeds, and actions. I'm spiritual, I need not the conformity of perfect or oneness to be happy, and write.

My ascension, my enlightenment is knowing, I am who I choose to be, and I choose to sacrifice what I can. Until I am in good standings. Then I go off nomad, yes have fun, enjoy, but never forgot that I must keep sacrificing, even this happiness, and my own dream for the betterment of something more. Not more in content, or compliment but more in the sense of bringing what light to those in darkness cannot see. Knowledge, power, will, emotion, existence, happiness, love, excepting, Whatever.

Helping, and giving is an action that no matter the reaction is fluid. It births a plethora of possibilities we may never see till we are all dead, and long gone. But hey...this is just on give, and take. Not my deepness, yours, the world's people, the world, galaxy, universe, bla, bla bla, etc.

so what it is, give, and take? or share, and share alike? Or just plain share?
"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"

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#26741 - 05/12/04 01:50 PM Re: Give and Take
spaceman Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 04/29/04
Posts: 11
Loc: south africa
well when you join a hacker community the emphasis is on the availability of knowledge and helping the noobs rise above being mere script-kidz..

the only way is by helping them. free knowledge means if i find something of interest, i post it. thus sharing. the community grows, and new knowledge is found.

so i guess its just share what you can, and take what you need
please don't read this, if u do i will dissapea.....

#26742 - 05/12/04 10:04 PM Re: Give and Take
? Offline
UGN Member

Registered: 04/30/02
Posts: 135
Ego is key in our society. Insecurites and egocentricity control the way we act towards each other. Misunderstandings and misinterpretations lead to lost trust and eventually hate. Best friends stop talking for years over a single argument, because nobody talks straight anymore. People keep their feeling locked up inside for fear of humiliation. Now lets see if I can answer your question. Give and take, in a relationship, thats a pretty complex topic. Some people give and help because it makes them feel good about themselves. That is a tainted motive. You are not really giving or helping, quite the opposite, you are taking. You are doing something for somebody else because it makes you feel good. Thus you are extracting pleasure out of your actions, thus you are not giving, you are taking. Same goes for the opposite. I don't know how many questions I have answered, how many things I have explained, how many newbies I have helped. an why? To help them, to build up the underground? No! I did it cause I like it. It gives me pleasure. So the act of giving at the same time is the act of taking. Now, sharing is on a whole other level. Sharing is really hard to achieve. In order for two people to share they would have to be almost the same person. Same beliefs, same convictions, same degree of success or happieness. You see, if I "SHARE" my snicker's with a homeless guy we are not really sharing. I am giving, he is taking. It's kind of hard to explain what I have in my head. I'm feelin very Zen-ish rite now. Gotta go think bout this some more.


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