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#28952 - 03/17/02 02:04 AM Time for some fun
Snake Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 03/02/02
Posts: 52
Loc: NZ
Now heres a little idea, just for a little load off and for a thing to laugh at and have a little fun.

dude, your drinking sperm
no, I like it
* Imperial chugs

*** Skull is now known as Crime
hows that?
-NickServ- Nickname Crime has been killed
*** Crime ([email protected]) Quit (Killed by NickServ (Ghosted by Crim3))

*** Dunceor is now known as Dunceor|Shower
* mtlhd follows dunceor
* Snake follows mtlhd

*** Now talking in #n3tmask
alive now?
* Curse nudges ColdSunn, wake up hoe
* Snake kicks ColdSunn
Error in Explorer.exe m ***
grr... I hate that
I was using that too
I neecded it
did your desktop disappear?
that happens to me too
stupid windows
just use mirc to open up explorer.exe again
but you comp might freeze
they should make it legal for us to beat Bill Gates everytime our puter crash

he would die within the hour it is passed
they should make it legal that he should pay us a dollar everytime it crashed
we would be rich mother ****ers
oh yeah
****, I would beat him ten minutes before the law was passed...
* Snake adds "Bill Gates" to assassination list right under "Osama Bin Laden"
* ColdSunn adds Bill Gates above bin Laden
maybe we could get Osama to crash a plane into Gates's house...
that would be something he wouldn't expect
a plane crash
or... we should hax0r his comp
have him crash into his Window
no, all of his Windows
too bad Charles Bishop isn't still alive...
we'll drop a bomb on his house, and on the side of the bomb will be the words "ctrl+alt+del"
omg that is great
we will end his ****ing task
stupid bill
Charles Bishop, is that kid who crashed his plane into a bank and damaged two windows and a desk, plus he didn't even kill any ****...
we will end his task with a ctrl+alt+del bomb

Charles Bishop is a ****ing idiot
he thought that he would knock down the building
what i **** hole
i ****ing laughed my head off when i saw it on tv
me too
that guy that crashed into a building in a little one person tin can?
I wanna kick his *** ...
like a few days ago?
I saw that and said, "Oh, so I guess this has to be binladen's fault" in a sarcastic tone, then kept channel surfing
hold a sec
i have to log this convo
choose the speed
and see the price
now please excuse me while i stare at this computer
* Snake drools
* Imperial stares
* Imperial puts his dick in his cd-rom
* Imperial opens and closes
that might hurt...I'll give someone a dollar to try it
* Snake stick his dick in the usb port and turns the power on and off
lol only a dollar

DARK J3S73R: DARK J3S73R: soo, whats up ?
PredatorDelToro: beeing bored
DARK J3S73R: you need a hobby
DARK J3S73R: try jerking off, or ******* people
DARK J3S73R: they take alot of free time up
PredatorDelToro: hmz
DARK J3S73R: ask gizzy
DARK J3S73R: he will tell you
PredatorDelToro: lol
DARK J3S73R: hes all about that jerking off ****, hes gets into it
PredatorDelToro: rofl
DARK J3S73R: thats what that UGN Security meeting is all about
DARK J3S73R: lol
PredatorDelToro: haha
DARK J3S73R: its like - jerking off, watching gizzy jerk off, helping gizzy jerkoff, doing gizzy's yard work
DARK J3S73R: thats why im not going
PredatorDelToro: haha roflmao
DARK J3S73R: lol
PredatorDelToro: well you won't see me over there
DARK J3S73R: lol
DARK J3S73R: na you will be there
DARK J3S73R: its like "GET INTO IT PRED !"
PredatorDelToro: nope i won't
DARK J3S73R: you will have to scream at gizzy in german
DARK J3S73R: it will be sick
DARK J3S73R: fag
DARK J3S73R: fags*
DARK J3S73R: lmao
PredatorDelToro: hmz
PredatorDelToro: scream at gizzy in german?
DARK J3S73R: lmao
DARK J3S73R: shh

Now add all the funny logs you have and eventualy ill put them on a "UGN Security best moments" page.

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#28953 - 03/17/02 03:50 AM Re: Time for some fun
SyStem CRASH Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 03/02/02
Posts: 19
Loc: UK
Does anybody ever wonder what others on #undergroundnews get up to?

This is what SilentRage gets up to...

**** off...
That wasn't very nice!
STOP private messaging me, you little ****!
Duh... I am a bot!
oh, sorry I didn't know!
You didn't know? You do this every day!

Or what about the time he was arguing with ChanServ and NickServ...

#28954 - 03/17/02 08:38 PM Re: Time for some fun
Snake Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 03/02/02
Posts: 52
Loc: NZ
heh, thats the kind of **** im looking for. anything for a laugh, infact start emailing themt o me at [email protected] so you dont spoil it for others, cause theres no point in putting them on my website if everyones seen them

#28955 - 03/18/02 12:28 PM Re: Time for some fun
BackSlash Offline
UGN's Resident Homo

Registered: 03/16/02
Posts: 599
Loc: TN
if you wanna see my fav. conversation check out the topic called "Could you be any newbier? IRC LOG " in the off topic section. that should defenitly make your list of the best.

"It's better to burn out, than to fade away."

#28956 - 03/18/02 10:35 PM Re: Time for some fun
Snake Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 03/02/02
Posts: 52
Loc: NZ
BTW, Guest113 and n00b are the same person and they are fake, he isnt a real newbie, its just one of our freinds here at UGN Security playing a trick heh, he told me, but i wont reveal his name, but he can if he wants to.

#28957 - 03/19/02 11:31 AM Re: Time for some fun
unreal Offline

Registered: 03/01/02
Posts: 860
Aaaaaactually, the first Guest113 (AntiAol) was completely real. It was the second Guest113 (with the hostname *.de), which turned out to be n00b, that was fake...and yes, that was me. lol

#28958 - 03/19/02 06:44 PM Re: Time for some fun
Crime Offline
UGN Super Poster

Registered: 03/01/02
Posts: 505
Loc: Tartarus
DARK J3S73R: ololololololololow
DARK J3S73R: omfg, i was just there !
DARK J3S73R: looking at the same thing
olosoft: eh?
olosoft: omg
olosoft: really?
DARK J3S73R: no
DARK J3S73R: lol
olosoft: oh
DARK J3S73R: lmao
DARK J3S73R: loser
DARK J3S73R: :p


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