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by Gremelin
10/05/15 06:01 PM
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#39778 - 03/30/04 02:05 PM Music sharing doesn't kill CD sales, study says
Ice Offline
UGN News Staff

Registered: 11/29/02
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Loc: Canada
A study of file-sharing's effects on music sales says online music trading appears to have had little part in the recent slide in CD sales.

For the study, released Monday, researchers at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina tracked music downloads over 17 weeks in 2002, matching data on file transfers with actual market performance of the songs and albums being downloaded. Even high levels of file-swapping seemed to translate into an effect on album sales that was "statistically indistinguishable from zero," they wrote.

"We find that file sharing has only had a limited effect on record sales," the study's authors wrote. "While downloads occur on a vast scale, most users are likely individuals who would not have bought the album even in the absence of file sharing."

The study, the most detailed economic modeling survey to use data obtained directly from file-sharing networks, is sure to rekindle debates over the effects of widely used software such as Kazaa or Morpheus on an ailing record business.

Big record labels have seen their sales slide precipitously in the past several years, and have blamed the falling revenue in large part on rampant free music downloads online. Others have pointed to additional factors, such as lower household spending during the recession, and increased competition from other entertainment forms such as DVDs and video games, each of which have grown over the same time period.

Executives at file-sharing companies welcomed the survey, saying it should help persuade reluctant record company executives to use peer-to-peer networks as distribution channels for music "We welcome sound research into the developing peer-to-peer industry, and this study appears to have covered some interesting ground," said Nikki Hemming, chief executive officer of Kazaa parent Sharman Networks. "Consider the possibilities if the record industry actually cooperated with companies like us instead of fighting."

The study, performed by Harvard Business School associate professor Felix Oberholzer and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill associate professor Koleman Strumpf, used logs from two OpenNap servers in late 2002 to observe about 1.75 million downloads over their 17 week sample period.

That sample revealed interesting behavioral, as well as economic, data. Researchers found that the average user logged in only twice during that period, downloading about 17 songs. Some people vastly overshot that average, however--one user apparently logged in 71 times, downloading more than 5,000 songs.

The two professors narrowed their sample base by choosing a random sample of 500 albums from the sales charts of various music genres, and then compared the sales of these albums to the number of associated downloads.

Even in the most pessimistic version of their model, they found that it would take about 5,000 downloads to displace sales of just one physical CD, the authors wrote. Despite the huge scale of downloading worldwide, that would be only a tiny contribution to the overall slide in album sales over the past several years, they said.

Moreover, their data seemed to show that downloads could even have a slight positive effect on the sales of the top albums, the researchers said.

The study is unlikely to be the last word on the issue. Previous studies have been released showing that file sharing had both positive and negative effects on music sales.

The Recording Industry Association of America was quick to dismiss the results as inconsistent with earlier findings.

"Countless well-respected groups and analysts, including Edison Research, Forrester, and the University of Texas, among others, have all determined that illegal file sharing has adversely impacted the sales of CDs," RIAA spokeswoman Amy Weiss said in a statement. "Our own surveys show that those who are downloading more are buying less."

Cnet News
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#39779 - 04/01/04 03:11 PM Re: Music sharing doesn't kill CD sales, study says
Spyrios Offline
UGN Member

Registered: 03/15/04
Posts: 419
Loc: VA
i agree with them. most of the music i download is stuff of albums i would never buy. simply because i won't spend 20 bucks for a cd to here 1 or 2 good songs on it.
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#39780 - 04/01/04 11:36 PM Re: Music sharing doesn't kill CD sales, study says
IceMyst Offline
UGN Elite Poster

Registered: 10/22/03
Posts: 1449
Loc: Where ever Gizmo is
i never buy cd's in the first place. i think the last time i bought a cd was when i was in 7th grade. and most of the songs i listen to now i do so thank to peer to peer shareing which means when those artists come to portland i'll be more apt to go to their concert and spend money which goes right to them and not the music big wigs....
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#39781 - 04/02/04 12:26 AM Re: Music sharing doesn't kill CD sales, study says
Spyrios Offline
UGN Member

Registered: 03/15/04
Posts: 419
Loc: VA
Ohhhhhh the RIAA saw what you said.
D, world destruction
Over and overture
N, do I need
Apostrophe T, need this torture?-They Might Be Giants

#39782 - 04/02/04 01:20 AM Re: Music sharing doesn't kill CD sales, study says
weeve Offline
UGN Super Poster

Registered: 10/29/02
Posts: 616
Loc: The Beach
If they arrested, and/or jailed everyone age 16-25 pirating music out there right now. Our jail systems wouldn't be overflowing. They'd be 100-300 fold in size. Yet the RIAA, MPAA(movie pirates), and other orgs keep going at this like their gonna pwn the fuckin world. They're gonna stop mass distribution in quite a few formats, but they'll NEVER kill it, they'll never jail but most of the big pirates anyway. Yes they've fined children, and teens alike. They've massive fined, and jailed adults. For pirate profit rings, and illegal domain use. But it's like were to say our government could hold back a revolution if people didn't like(REALLY DIDN'T LIKE) what was going on. If you can say yes they can, think about what martial law is. Your brothers, sisters, people...all protecting a country from it's own people, and own family/friends? Were not talking 1776 here. Were talking a some what civilized society trying to impose a dictator type rule over it's own people, with it's own blood.

Not gonna happen imo. Just like the h/p/v/a/c scene, and pirating will NEVER stop. This shit was going on back in 1992-1995 when I was on modem, over irc. It still does, IT will NEVER stop:D I can't see a imperfect society trying to enforce a perfect execution of control like what "their" bluffing at. It's all steam. Something will happen, and we'll get this shit back in a cycle where we care more about education/freedom of material exchange. Then we do about cnn bloating wars, and crime rates. Fuck the media, fuck the government, and damn sure fuck these commercialist fat fucks. Because I for one stopped caring back when I was 12.
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