The History Thread...

Posted by: Gremelin

The History Thread... - 02/23/08 12:45 PM

This thread is for user documentation of historic information about UGN Security. This can be anything that you feel "ground breaking" or simply of interest to yourself or that you feel could be of interest to others.

I know we've not really kept a good record of events in the past, but we're hoping that you can help us build a timeline of factual events in site history.

Dates with Domains
January 14, 2008 - registered
April 01, 2002 - registered
March 28, 2001 - registered
August 05, 2005 - registered

The .net domain was registered as we had a squatter cloning the site with the domain, thus we snatched the .net and .org as soon as they where available after this infringement. was also picked up to give us some bias over "UGN Security"

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Re: The History Thread... - 08/01/11 09:25 AM

I love stopping around here..

I remember heavy IRC usage and just messing with each other.

What about hacker

and all the different radio shows we tried out etc.

We use to have fun.

I miss all of you.
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Re: The History Thread... - 08/04/11 08:49 AM

Well, this place will always be here, I have no plans to drop it; just slow because all of the staff grew up and found better things to do.

Not to mention, Crime deleted everything out of the gaming forum which was our big bread and butter as far as traffic went.
Posted by: Crime

Re: The History Thread... - 03/04/13 05:44 AM

yeh sorry about that
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Re: The History Thread... - 03/06/13 06:36 AM

Originally Posted By: Crime
yeh sorry about that
Comment years later at least made me chuckle...
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Re: The History Thread... - 08/25/13 04:32 PM

Well, I'm not sure of the date, but I do remember when I came back on one day and it was suddenly full of ad's. I'll admit I was here a lot more when it was ad free; however I also don't pay the bills.

Otherwise I'd say 25 August 2013, the day I realized this place was still around. I'll be firing up an IRC client shortly to test that out.