Posted by: acsdan

Hackers.com - 08/10/03 11:59 AM

Hackers.com is not working recently, it always says "connection timed out". They didn't change their site, did they.
Posted by: sinetific

Re: Hackers.com - 08/10/03 12:48 PM

We aren't affiliated with that site and can't give you no answers on the matter. You don't ask questions about Burger King's Whopers at McDonald's do you?
Posted by: Crime

Re: Hackers.com - 08/10/03 03:26 PM

sin shh

hackers.com is prolly down due to dns problems, or someone is packetting them...
Posted by: sinetific

Re: Hackers.com - 08/10/03 04:35 PM

if it was DNS you would get a 404 if its timing out its probably cause someone is packeting them.
Posted by: acsdan

Re: Hackers.com - 08/10/03 09:13 PM

p.s. Sorry, didn't know it was such a touchy subject
Posted by: HighLander

Re: Hackers.com - 08/16/03 06:01 AM

Well up and running now
Posted by: Ice

Re: Hackers.com - 08/16/03 07:48 AM

hackers.com is a joke in my opinion. Theres to many newbs going there that ask the famous "HOW DO I HACK" they have couple of OK txt's and thats about it.
Posted by: Mojo

Re: Hackers.com - 08/16/03 08:27 AM

sounds like UGN then i guess. hah, that was mean, wasnt it? nevermind, im sure you guys proof that im wrong.

(where is the sarcasm smiley?)
Posted by: Scalli0n

Re: Hackers.com - 08/17/03 09:15 PM


if it was DNS you would get a 404 if its timing out its probably cause someone is packeting them.
no, because for a 404 error, apache (or other webserver) has to be reached, however, you can't reach them if there's a DNS error, i.e. the IP for the main server cannot be found.

So you'd get a DNS error, not a 404. Just a slight correction

Anyway, hackers.com is for lamers, don't go there, everyone there is a fag and a total loser IMHO.
Posted by: spanky_06

Re: Hackers.com - 01/15/06 10:11 PM

Does UGN.com have an IRC server or channel?
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: Hackers.com - 01/15/06 11:20 PM

Yes, irc.undergroundnews.com #undergroundnews
Posted by: Defcon

Re: Hackers.com - 01/17/06 06:01 AM

ssshhhh!!! don't tell him that!! He may try to hack the Gibson and access out Garbage File!!!!