XP home question

Posted by: Ebmm

XP home question - 03/09/03 04:56 PM

How do I keep the folders (links, my music, my pictures, etc.) from being re-created everytime on a reboot?
Posted by: SilentRage

Re: XP home question - 03/09/03 06:03 PM

I'm no authority on this - perhaps there's an option somewhere - but one idea I have for ya is deleting the paths from the registry. The registry stores the paths to certain special directories. Perhaps those are some of them.
Posted by: Rapture

Re: XP home question - 03/09/03 09:48 PM

i've never searched for that in particular. But i'de be willing to bet that it's on this site http://www.theeldergeek.com/
Posted by: fleshwound

Re: XP home question - 03/10/03 05:41 PM


great place for xp help
Posted by: Nagachaak

Re: XP home question - 03/12/03 03:49 PM

i haven't tested it yet but i would say, del my music and my pics in the register, then in the explorer.
Posted by: HighLander

Re: XP home question - 03/13/03 10:21 AM

It is in the registry somewhere, but good luck stumbling on to it.......
Posted by: Cold Sunn

Re: XP home question - 03/13/03 01:52 PM

I asked how to get the Links folder out of my Favorites list, and someone suggested I just change it to "Hidden" in properties. This doesn't do what you want, but it is a quick fix for some things.