WinNT services

Posted by: Spectras

WinNT services - 04/05/02 04:04 AM

Hi guys!

I have a problem with a service I am tryin to make working: I get an error 0xC0000018 before it is started.
(The first line creates a file, and after having tried to launch my service, it does not exist).

I have tried many things: changing the default load address, changing the subsystem from windows to console mode, it still does not work.

(Note: the checksum in the PE headers is good, I've checked it).

Does anyone know how to work that out?
Posted by: Optical-Element

Re: WinNT services - 04/10/02 11:29 AM

isn't error 0xC0000018 a hardware address error? im not sure but seems to be a hardware problem but I may be totally off, sorry.
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: WinNT services - 04/10/02 02:59 PM

I believe that error means that there is an Conflicting Addressing Error.