Movie: Sin City

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Movie: Sin City - 07/23/05 12:21 PM

Film: Sin City
Genre: Action/Thriller
Rating: 6/5 *big whoop*


Based on Frank Miller's stories, Sin City has got to be the best action/dark comedy/thriller iv watched for the past 5 years.
Very rarely have i been totally blown away by a film but Directors Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez and speacial guest director Quentin Tarantino have gelled phenomenonly well together to produce nothing short of a masterpiece.

The story revolves around THREE distinctive plots that intertwine throughout the film in a jaggered stacato sort of way that adds to the gritty atmosphere of the film.

Plot ONE: Bruce Will plays the role of Detective Hartigan: an old, retiring cop who's spent to many hours working overtime in the alleys of Sin City. In a city where the law is run buy the corrupt, Willis stands out like a lone beacon of hope for the innocent. His arch-nemisis (apart from crime in general) is the senators son, Roark jnr (Nick Stahl), who just happens to be a psycotic child molester/murderer.

Plot TWO: Benicio Del Toro plays the role of Jackie Boy: an ex-con who looks like the meanest MF'er iv ever seen in a movie. Basically he sleeps with a hooker (guess what boys, u get to see titties!!!!), she's murdered in her sleep and he vows to avenge her death.
Along the way he meets Kevin (Elijah Wood) who just so happens to be another psycotic murderer. but dnt be fooled, he's nothing like a cute, carefree hobbit in this film. Even i was suprised by his viciousness.

Plot THREE (and my personal favourite plot): Clive Owen plays Dwight, another slightly blemished hero who needs to 'prove to his friends he's worth a damn'. His job is to prevent a war between Sin City's hookers, the pimps/mafia and the cops.

Well, thats the plot/s. But unlike films that depend soley on their plot to make the box office sales, Sin City utilises its stupendous cast to its fullest and with Quentin Tarantino's signature goryness and vulgalarity, the film just reeks of underworldness.

Reviewers Note

I saved the best for last: Jessica Alba.
if you wanted to practice grinding pelvis's with her in her stunning Fantastic Four spandex outfit (that review will be coming out shortly), then seeing her in all her splendour in Sin City would be nothing short of a visual orgasm.
My only advice is to take a box of tissues with u to the cinemas to wipe the drool off the seat when ur done!
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Re: Movie: Sin City - 07/23/05 06:27 PM

Yeh, it'll be drool....
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Re: Movie: Sin City - 07/23/05 06:36 PM

didnt want to state the ovious mate
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Re: Movie: Sin City - 08/01/05 09:11 PM

Plot TWO: Benicio Del Toro plays the role of Jackie Boy: an ex-con who looks like the meanest MF'er iv ever seen in a movie.
Uhhh, you mean Mickey Rourke, who plays Marv, looks mean and sleeps with the hooker etc etc?
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Re: Movie: Sin City - 08/02/05 05:59 AM

*nod* could be. i hadnt seen a movie with 'Mickey Rourke' in it prior to Sin City myself, so i had to get the actors names from IMDB. but yea, looks like we got the same character, the one who sleeps with the hooker.
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Re: Movie: Sin City - 08/03/05 12:00 AM

For a good time go watch "Harley Davidson and the Marboro Man".

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Re: Movie: Sin City - 08/04/05 03:30 AM

mickey rourke was in Once Upon a Time in Mexico?!
i have seen him in a movie prior to Sin City then.

bugger, guess i was just to damn lazy to have noticed it.

u watch "Harley Davidson and the Marboro man" j?
wouldnt give it a review would u?
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Re: Movie: Sin City - 08/14/09 02:53 AM

i luv this movie .. it's violent but not that bloody , and i luv the color contrast .... pretty much cool