"UGN Security News Headlines" Links Broken

Posted by: Chem

"UGN Security News Headlines" Links Broken - 11/04/03 04:48 PM

On the main page, all the news links at the "UGN Security News Headlines" are broken,

all the links point to the threads correct ID number, however thats all they point to.

The latest link points to:

while it should be:

So all the links give the error
"page cannot be accessed directly" and then directs you to the forum main page."
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: "UGN Security News Headlines" Links Broken - 11/14/03 10:17 PM

yeh i fixed 'em all when sin told me about it... turns out that when I set them to use bookmarks in the document and set a base href for the friggen bbs smilies that I neglected to reset where the bookmark's location was...