Fun with Domains...

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Fun with Domains... - 03/28/06 02:33 AM

Ok, one thing that I tend to do a lot is think, and when I come up with a good idea I want a solid domain...

So like a lot of others I spend a lot of time thinking for that *perfect* domain name... So I thought, why not seek outside ideas?

This thread is here for you to come up with good sounding domain names, and, if you'd like, community ideas to go along side them.

I'm not saying I'll buy anything, I'm not saying that your ideas will be heard; what I am saying is that I'm curious what you can come up with...

Who knows, maybe we'll end up developing a community in your honor ...
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Re: Fun with Domains... - 03/28/06 02:34 AM

Oh and BTW, this all came to me when I registered :x... To be seen as "barebone designs" no frills, no deals, just pure beauty and clean coding...
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Re: Fun with Domains... - 03/28/06 07:45 AM

Ajax community

This shit is hot and lessons/tuts are hard to come by.


Tech stock advice

We are geeks and know tech, major stock brokers... Not so much.

a Voyer spoof site. Set up some web cams and make it look like a loony bin where they film. Get some friends to dress up in the jackets and gowns. Even fake beating the patients every once in a while.
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Re: Fun with Domains... - 03/28/06 08:46 AM

Lol, I like the Insane Voyer idea; but I odn't have any friends willing to "commit" to that
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Re: Fun with Domains... - 03/30/06 08:41 AM - Your random bullshit portal

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Re: Fun with Domains... - 03/31/06 10:50 PM

You know, it's spelled "voyeur," not "voyer." I just don't want your perfect domain name to end up like ""
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Re: Fun with Domains... - 04/01/06 12:01 AM

lol, it could be "correct" for what he stated