Harry Potter!

Posted by: psychogen

Harry Potter! - 03/20/02 10:18 PM

Harry is a PotHead and the Sorcerer's stoned!

Guess whos screwed now!
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Re: Harry Potter! - 03/21/02 12:18 AM

tehe, we have a kid in school we call hairy pothead. cuz hes hairy, and hes a pothead.

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Re: Harry Potter! - 03/21/02 12:37 AM

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Re: Harry Potter! - 03/21/02 12:43 AM

with the glasses he even looks like harry potter
Posted by: psychogen

Re: Harry Potter! - 03/21/02 08:13 AM

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Re: Harry Potter! - 03/21/02 04:49 PM

everybody else sees it. just open a new window and paste the url.