Posted by: Snake

Spyro - 04/26/02 07:20 PM

I recently discovered it hasent been so obvious to some people who Spyro was...
Spyro was me. heh. When my name and IP was banned form the old UGN i snuck back on as someone else to avoid the eyes of Crime and Optix. I also remember Predator was the only one smart enough who got suspicious of it being me. I thought my cover was blown.
I also found it was funny most people liked Spyro and didnt like me. When someone came into the irc looking for Sypro i tried not to laugh and explained it to them, they seemed very dissapointed.

Well just so you know, im Spyro.

You wont beleive how many ****ing times i had to sneak back onto UGN. Just to see Optix's go mental at me brought me great satisfaction.
Posted by: Imperial

Re: Spyro - 04/30/02 08:26 PM

Haha, I wasn't dissapointed man....Snake or Spyro I like ya, even if I feel the need to rip you one once and awhile
Posted by: SilentRage

Re: Spyro - 05/01/02 07:45 AM

Maybe it's cause Spyro is a better nick than plain old snake.
Posted by: Imperial

Re: Spyro - 05/01/02 05:32 PM

Yeah, SR might be on to something...after all, spyro is a little purple dragon that blows fire and head butts things...in the first game he was the savior of all dragon kind...
Posted by: Snake

Re: Spyro - 05/04/02 09:15 PM

Heh, shutup Silent, your name aint no better :P
All the best people were Snake.

Solid Snake - Metal Gear Solid
Liquid Snake - Metal Gear Solid
Snake a.k.a Bob Plisken - Escape from L.A
Solidus Snake - Metal Gear solid 2
Kung-Fu: Art of the Snake

all sorts. Mwa ha ha
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Re: Spyro - 05/04/02 10:01 PM

Don't forget Jake the Snake Roberts.