office ad

Posted by: Moffesto

office ad - 07/21/02 11:39 PM

That office add is a fucking pain in the ass. No close button from what i can see and its constantly in the way... the magic ball was better.... none is better but u know.
Posted by: BackSlash

Re: office ad - 07/21/02 11:53 PM

ya, i dont' mind the ads, i know you gotta make money, but atleast give us a close button
Posted by: Moffesto

Re: office ad - 07/24/02 09:38 PM

and yet that ad continues to drive me insane... blocking links needed to use, etc.
Posted by: dashocker

Re: office ad - 07/25/02 08:09 PM

yeah, i think he fixed it, but that damn flash ad also slowed the connection way down when trying to post.
Posted by: Deviation187

Re: office ad - 07/26/02 05:25 AM

god damnit i just saw it!
Posted by: Moffesto

Re: office ad - 07/27/02 01:30 AM

i did too and its blocking shit im trying to read.... whats the point if you cant read shit on a message board? ha