news fader

Posted by: Moffesto

news fader - 06/23/02 09:43 PM

One thing ive noticed... unless your a super fast reader... the news fader goes to fast, just thougth id tell ya.
Posted by: Deviation187

Re: news fader - 06/23/02 10:23 PM

that isnt a suggestion, this is more under bugs or hmm, they should make a "thought id let you know" section. but lets leave it to gizmo
Posted by: Moffesto

Re: news fader - 06/23/02 10:35 PM

its not really a bug, it can b adjusted but yeah... its akinda "just thought id let you know" but this is the only category i could figure to place this in. You know what i mean
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: news fader - 06/24/02 03:59 AM

I was getting complaints that it was going by too slow lol... what do you guys want it as?
Posted by: Moffesto

Re: news fader - 06/24/02 04:23 AM

well, im at a friends house at the moment and its running fine, i dunno whats up. At home it runs to fast usually... then again, sumthign else i can blame on my computer. heh
Posted by: SilentRage

Re: news fader - 06/24/02 05:53 AM

I prefer the faster style and you can hover your mouse over the news fader to stop it while you read.

And that was a suggestion - not a bug. "Thought I'd let you know"'s are suggestions.