System Rebooting

Posted by: UndeadBob

System Rebooting - 11/23/04 01:41 PM

I want your opinion on this....
My machine just randomly reboots all the time all. It is always different circumstances aswell. I was listening to music on winamp and programming and assignment in Borland JBuilder earlier and it rebooted for no reason at all.

It's done it before aswell, there have been times when i have left it on its own doing nothing and i come back to find it has rebooted and waiting on the XP login screen.

But it isn't restricted to just Windows either. Yesterday i was trying to setup the machine to dual boot XP and Linux i was booting from Core Distro boot disk pressed backspace to fix a typo and it rebooted.

What could it be?? The power supply, processor, RAM, Mobo. I want to fix it but i don't know where to start.

Any of you experienced this before...

Machine Specs:
Athlon XP 1700+
512mb PC2100 DDR RAM (2x256mb stick different manufactuers)
Maxtor 120gb 8mbcache 7200rpm HD
GeForce 4 MX 440 64mb

(will check Mobo make and RAM asap)

Posted by: Spyrios

Re: System Rebooting - 11/23/04 02:08 PM

I have had this problem, and I think it was due to a cooling issue. I opened the case and cleaned it with compressed air, then added another fan. It seemed to solve the problem. I also took the case out of the hole in the computer desk to improve air flow. It could be a power supply issue if you are drawing more power than it can handle. I would start by a good cleaning and improving circulation in the case, if that doesn't work, I would definitely look at the power supply next.
Posted by: UndeadBob

Re: System Rebooting - 11/23/04 02:53 PM

I just pulled the machine apart and gave it a good clean. found a big chunk of dust in the cpu fan pulled it all out and cleaned the rest of it.
I have some temperature monitoring software aswell now.

Just gonna see what happens now...
Posted by: Spyrios

Re: System Rebooting - 11/23/04 03:12 PM

I hope it works out.
Posted by: sinetific

Re: System Rebooting - 11/25/04 09:07 AM

It could be the processor, in one way or another, whether it's from heat or just an internal error. Maybe it has a bad block of internal cache. I overclocked a cpu and fried it, afterwords it rebooted randomly. Sometimes it had blue screens sometimes it just rebooted.

It could alternatively be some aspect of your motherboard that has become corrupted.

Usually when you get ram errors your machine will start and run fine, but you will just get a lot of odd and critical errors in the process.
Posted by: UndeadBob

Re: System Rebooting - 11/25/04 03:57 PM

That could explain it...
I have previously overclocked this processor, but it isn't at the moment.

I did clean out the processor fan but it did it again pretty soon. I installed some temperature monitoring software aswell, and i noticed before it rebooted it said it was 31c and 40c when it came back on. Thats quite a big jump in a small time.

I think i'll look into getting a new processor, i had been meaning to upgrade anyway.
Posted by: res

Re: System Rebooting - 11/26/04 03:33 PM

Provide the motherboard and power supply unit specifications. Start with a voltage setting using a multimeter to determine a problem from the power supply unit. Replace the AMD Athlon XP 1700+ CPU HSF with a larger suitable HSF as the orginal HSF were insufficient in cooling. State the motherboard specification as it is important in this instant.
Posted by: crasy

Re: System Rebooting - 12/07/04 08:02 PM

i am sorry if reply is out of date but i just got a computer from overseas and it does the same thing i have 80gb hard drive 512 ddr 400 ram one stick 300w ps amdathlon xp 2000+ 2 fans geforce fx 5200+ 128 mb and i cant find the problem i dont think they over clocked the cpu becaus when i go to the windows properties it says amd athlon xp 2000+ and is going at 1.6 ghz so can any one help and if worse comes to worse how much would it be for a amd 2000+ and mobo or amd3000+ and mobo
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: System Rebooting - 12/07/04 08:05 PM

300w power supply? if that where my system i woudlnt' have anything less than a 450w supply; the requirements would easily bypass the power available and it could be one reason for shutdown. Best to monitor the requirements of each device
Posted by: res

Re: System Rebooting - 12/08/04 12:40 AM

crasy.The 300Watt Power Supply Unit is suitable for your system as meets minimum requirements. Each person may have thier own type of problem. Exchanging hardware from another system of the same specifications will determine a faulty component.
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: System Rebooting - 12/08/04 12:53 AM

Res, have you taken each component and logged its voltage? the average of what he has would be more than 300w in most cases; in any case should he need to upgrade it oculd additionally be an issue.

As for "testing hardware" testing isn't just something that'll take three seconds to determine as it's intermittant if I'm reading correctly...
Posted by: res

Re: System Rebooting - 12/08/04 12:49 PM

As the specifications crasy stated it seems the Power Supply Unit meets its requirements. The concern of overloading the power supply may be from the amperage the CPU draws, additional expansion devices and multiple drive devices. Purchasing a new power supply as Gizmo mentioned a 450Watt will eliminate intermittent faults and power level fluctuations while keeping the system for a long time and allow further upgrades. A power supply it worth what it weighs.