Wanted: PS2

Posted by: Cyrez

Wanted: PS2 - 08/10/02 05:40 PM

Lookin for a PS2 under $100 anyone sellin?
Posted by: Moffesto

Re: Wanted: PS2 - 08/10/02 08:20 PM

good luck, thats real cheap for a console, i doubt i could find a gamecube that cheap.... or id buy it as well.
Posted by: Cyrez

Re: Wanted: PS2 - 08/12/02 08:35 AM

whats the cheapest you guys would be willing to sell it to me for?
Posted by: Le4rner

Re: Wanted: PS2 - 08/12/02 11:52 AM

ha ha ha ha, Try a pawn shop dude.

You will pay same price as in a store most likely, but you will get a game or 2 and 2 controllers and probably the memorey card or 2
Posted by: mafia1980

Re: Wanted: PS2 - 09/18/03 12:04 AM

i bought mine used with 2 controlers and one memory card for 170$ man i dont think u could get it for less than 140$... good luck brand new they r 220$ no memory card and only one controler.
Posted by: 4D1ZTYM

Re: Wanted: PS2 - 01/24/04 03:22 AM

I Got one w/ mod a bunch of games and a few controller, a multitap, some mem cards and a network adapter....
Im looking for:
-Hard Drives
-Amd CPUs over 1800+
-sound cards
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: Wanted: PS2 - 01/24/04 07:30 PM

heh I have an AMD Athlon XP 1700+ and a brand new soyo motherboard...
Posted by: Red Mage

Re: Wanted: PS2 - 05/22/04 05:59 AM

Try http://www.half.com