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Advertise UGN - 09/05/05 08:40 AM

Okay here is the deal. Create a graphic or as many as you want. In 3 months time I will set up a poll for voting by all members for best image. Winner gets braging rights. What do you want I'm broke. Here is my first entry.

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Re: Advertise UGN - 09/05/05 08:53 PM

I love that font... What did you use?

BTW, we have banners that people can take inspiration from at:

I think we should set a few guidelines though, dimention wise... I mean some people aren't going to want some huge assed graphic on their site ...
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Re: Advertise UGN - 09/05/05 09:00 PM

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Re: Advertise UGN - 09/05/05 09:41 PM

The Font is called "Saved By Zero"

I have never seen it before I got it. I can send it to you if you want. You can not bold or italic. I tweeked it a bit in photoshop but the basic shape is the same.

Gimo, set the sizes me must adhere to. I will probably make a few of these as I am on a graphics kick.
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Re: Advertise UGN - 09/06/05 12:53 AM

Yeh, email me the font.

Sizes should be standard button/banner sizes (as they're what'd commonly be used.

Full Banner (no more than 20k):

Half Banner (no more than 20k):

Button Banner (no more than 10k):
120x60 (In the past we've used 102x47)

Micro Button Banner (no more than 10k):

The creator's name will be posted with the graphic on any localized pages.
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Re: Advertise UGN - 09/06/05 03:13 AM

468 X 60

File size: 19.71 kb
Name: Green Sea

Please name your image for the poll later.