Telnet numbers

Posted by: acsdan

Telnet numbers - 08/09/03 10:15 PM

Can anyone give me some telnet numbers that work.
p.s. please UNIX because I really am not that good and do not want any bad attempts to be loged.
Posted by: Infinite

Re: Telnet numbers - 08/09/03 11:59 PM

Umm, no matter where you go it'll be logged, or at elast shoudl be, and what are you trying to accompolish here? I'll assume you mean 'IP address' when you say 'telnet numbers'. A proper address to give you would depend on what it is you are looking to do.

Posted by: acsdan

Re: Telnet numbers - 08/10/03 12:08 AM

I want to have some that work. I dont care, just some telnet IP ADDRESSES.
Posted by: Infinite

Re: Telnet numbers - 08/10/03 12:09 AM

To do what? What is it you think you can do?
Posted by: sinetific

Re: Telnet numbers - 08/10/03 12:18 AM

ok, a bad attempt is one that you dont have proper login and password for so any attempt you make will be a bad one since you are not authorized to use any unix systems and from what I see from your posts you wouldn't know what to do even if you did. I suggest searching google for 'free unix shells' get a free shell and play around. After about an hour you will get board and go back to playing with your barbie dolls.
Posted by: acsdan

Re: Telnet numbers - 08/10/03 12:24 AM

YOU CAN GET FREE UNIX SHELLS!!! I thaught you had to bye them, thanks. I will go do that right now.