Okay... Now what

Posted by: acsdan

Okay... Now what - 08/12/03 05:18 PM

Okay, I got a unix shell, are there any text files that can help me?
Posted by: Ice

Re: Okay... Now what - 08/12/03 06:49 PM

well from past posts i assume ur learning How to Hack
here are some GREAT txt files


there called Unix Hacking. I think theres 6 Parts
Posted by: Deviation187

Re: Okay... Now what - 08/13/03 12:04 AM

just put them all into one post... :-\
Posted by: acsdan

Re: Okay... Now what - 08/13/03 04:42 PM

Posted by: Mojo

Re: Okay... Now what - 08/15/03 06:25 PM

well, we could help you, but tell me, where did you get the shell from?
Posted by: HighLander

Re: Okay... Now what - 08/16/03 06:04 AM

Holy hell of alot of posts acsdan, but I guess it shows you wish to learn, or do not want to learn just be told...........hrmmmm
Posted by: Scalli0n

Re: Okay... Now what - 08/17/03 09:16 PM