Newbie with questions.

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Newbie with questions. - 12/16/03 07:02 AM

Im new to programming and hacking. I was wondering if anyone knew of any sites that could help me out or how to install the Linux Slackware operating system. I got it from a friend that didnt know how to install it and i was needing instructions thanks.
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Re: Newbie with questions. - 12/16/03 07:10 AM

Hey man, Welcome To UGN.

Before I answer your question let me show you something:

You type what you're looking for in there and it comes back with the answers (most of the time). I'm telling you this because it is exactly what I did to find your answer. The skill of searching is prolly the single most important tool for a hacker.

And now, go here to find out how to install Slack:

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Re: Newbie with questions. - 12/16/03 07:18 AM

Ok cool thanks for the info infinite.