LG VX2000

Posted by: hKzKnight

LG VX2000 - 04/19/03 03:09 PM

So I switched from shitty AT&T with a Nokie 3361 to Verizon, getting the LG BX2000 cell phone. I'm pleased, just got it. Curious anyone know codes, tricks, and especially a place I can get bloody ringtones for it... A lot of places don't support Verizon or my phone, I don't know.. If you know let me know.
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: LG VX2000 - 04/19/03 06:29 PM

I actually prefer AT&T and nokia phones, especially in this area, there is no way in hell you'd ever catch me on a verizon service plan; or with anything other than a nokia for that matter.

Not too many people want to even deal with that model/type of phone for note. There aren't that many sites that do "Free" ringtone's, http://www.mobilesmarts.com or http://www.mobilesmart.com does some but their site is the buggiest sob i've ever seen...

The reason they don't support them, is because, honestly, both suck.
Posted by: hKzKnight

Re: LG VX2000 - 04/19/03 08:40 PM

I hate AT&T, it sucks around here, verizon is the best in these abouts. In terms of messing around with the phone, very tru Giz. I loved my nok I wish I could keep it but eh. The only problem I ran into w/ Nokia is they're in a dif world, lots of accessories aren't compatible w/it. LOL sry giz my parents made the choice. Anyone have an interest in buying the phone off me or ideas of what to do with it?