Black Box work worldwide???

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Black Box work worldwide??? - 12/15/03 05:58 PM

Hey i`m new to most of these things and all the phreaking tutorials and Box plans iv read deal with phone companies in the US ,What i wana know is if this information, mainly the Black box would work everyware or is each phone company different. In case your wondering im in Gibraltar and are phone company is Gibtelecom.

Thnx in advance
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Re: Black Box work worldwide??? - 12/16/03 03:53 AM

Well if it's in an old phreaking tut, here is the best advice in the world... no.. it won't work and don't try it if you don't want to get in trouble.
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Re: Black Box work worldwide??? - 12/17/03 07:29 PM

I have found out that when my phone rings the line is at 50-54 volts and when answer there seems to be 9 or -9v.
so should the same princable apply would i be able to use a rissistor of some kind when constructing a black box
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Re: Black Box work worldwide??? - 01/07/04 06:52 PM

I suggest the Blue Box. It is much better. You can get full instructions on how to build one in the Anarchist's Cookbook.
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Re: Black Box work worldwide??? - 01/07/04 09:26 PM

hey dippy... Anarchists Cookbook is a bunch of shit.... get used to it