SSE not enabled

Posted by: Tr@v3l3r

SSE not enabled - 03/04/06 12:56 AM

just bought d&d online, but i cant play because when i try to start it i get an error msg stting sse not enbaled. my processor is an athlon amd x86. is there a way to enable sse, or is it impossible to do w/ my processor? i tried to google it was unable to obtain anything from the athlon website, as well as several web boards.
Posted by: Tr@v3l3r

Re: SSE not enabled - 03/04/06 08:36 PM

disregard this post, i figured it out. i had to upgrade my processor. and in order to do that, i had to upgrade my motherboard. now, my monitor isnt showing anything. f#*k!!!