HardCore Old gamers

Posted by: Ntd

HardCore Old gamers - 09/03/03 08:38 AM

Are you a hardCore Old gamer or do you think you know alot about gaming? Then test your self with-out looking this up.

Question: What was the first game written by a woman? (Hint: 1982)

See who knows there gaming history :p
Posted by: jonconley

Re: HardCore Old gamers - 09/06/03 05:41 PM

Carol Shaw

She coded River Raid in 1982 for Activision, but that was a few years after she had actually coded games for Atari.
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Re: HardCore Old gamers - 09/06/03 07:51 PM

I LOVED RIVER RAID!!! That game pwned j00 all :p
Posted by: hKzKnight

Re: HardCore Old gamers - 09/08/03 03:31 PM

HAHA, mos def old school... Was fun.