War Craft |||

Posted by: LivingDead

War Craft ||| - 09/12/02 01:48 PM

Yes, I was wondering if any one haar played warcraft 3 for pc... I have to say that this is my favoright game of all time it is like a mix between starcraft bw , and diablo2...
if any one plays halla at me and we might play some time ... I also recomend byeing this game it is a great stratagie game.
Posted by: xero

Re: War Craft ||| - 09/12/02 03:17 PM

Indeed... ive skipped class to play that damn game..
Posted by: tuatboaac

Re: War Craft ||| - 09/12/02 06:38 PM

Warcrack three you say? yes, i shoot up.er.....play. im Uzra, look me up some time.
Posted by: CyberNerd

Re: War Craft ||| - 09/13/02 05:06 PM

Hey, i play warcraft III. I start to lag after about two games though whats your account name LivingDead? I'll whisper you sometime
Posted by: LivingDead

Re: War Craft ||| - 09/16/02 05:11 PM

cool i am usaly on all the time my account name is UndeadVirus... what was ur alls best rank or lvl mine was 200 in two on two and my lvl was 16
Posted by: sinetific

Re: War Craft ||| - 09/16/02 10:49 PM

I just bought it todat im yet to play online still. but ill come and kick your ass when i do...
/me loves to talk shit
Posted by: LivingDead

Re: War Craft ||| - 09/17/02 04:37 PM

WEll if ud liek to try ur more than welcome but jsut to warn u iam god at that game ..
Posted by: xero

Re: War Craft ||| - 09/17/02 04:53 PM

i was a lvl 9 at one point or another but i made a new bnet sn so im lvl 5 now... a close friend who i play with was at one point ranked about 300 or so. we're lvl 5 together for now, ive only been using my new sn for a week now.

btw, LivingDead, what server do you play on?
Posted by: CyberNerd

Re: War Craft ||| - 09/21/02 09:47 PM

i used to be level 7 till i decided team games were just getting me screwed, and i figured i'd try to become a show off by not mastering one class but all of them using random each time, so far im level 2(single player) and my record about sucks but im starting to get the hang of it
Posted by: LivingDead

Re: War Craft ||| - 09/21/02 11:47 PM

i am on west i think my account name is UndeadHacker-NS
ITs a new clan i joined.... i am lvl 5 i got there in 1 day
Posted by: xero

Re: War Craft ||| - 09/22/02 01:52 AM

you "think", huh....

"Player not found!"

Either "think" harder or stop lying..
Posted by: CyberNerd

Re: War Craft ||| - 09/23/02 03:52 AM

I am on East my account name is l0_0lCyberNerd
Posted by: Nagachaak

Re: War Craft ||| - 12/19/02 05:32 AM

i'm on northrend and tha name's Nagachaak.KyA
Posted by: AlienTerror

Re: War Craft ||| - 12/19/02 06:35 AM

i had it but i deleted it, strategy isn't my strong side. besides i don't like many strategy games=)
Posted by: Nagachaak

Re: War Craft ||| - 12/19/02 11:00 AM

didn't know that u can delete a profile on battle.net
Posted by: hKzKnight

Re: War Craft ||| - 12/19/02 04:11 PM

Wouldn't c y not. Well WC3 is cool, yet WC2 was kick ass. I don't think 3 lives up to what it was. Not wait is SC2 :+).
Posted by: Ice

Re: War Craft ||| - 12/20/02 05:13 PM

i am installing WC3 know as u am writting this = )
Got it from a friend. Anyways i tell u guys what i think in couple of hours or so = ) all i know i had the Beta (Stolen of course) and i liked the game
Lets see how the full version is = )
Posted by: BackSlash

Re: War Craft ||| - 12/20/02 05:23 PM

i'm still playing warcraft 1
Posted by: Ice

Re: War Craft ||| - 12/20/02 06:03 PM

well i just played 2 times with orcs and Elfs
man o man that game is a little complicated
theres to much going on

fucken all these powers and so many PEOPLE

Anyone here play ?? Mabye then can show me some cool rushes or something like that = )
Posted by: Nagachaak

Re: War Craft ||| - 12/20/02 06:40 PM

well, there is the famous tower rush of the orcs. try to figure that one out...3 peons building towers in ur opponents base, while the other two build a warmill and an altar. then build peons to gather lumber and gold. build the farrseer and get the spirit wolves...for more info, hack warcraftstrategys premium members page. well it's more like, use a ftp program and download the asp files, then convert them to html files=)
Posted by: Ice

Re: War Craft ||| - 12/20/02 07:10 PM

anyone wanna play with me ??
Lol iam new so... But will play a comp or something
Post a msg if yes here or go to the irc channel heheh
Posted by: Nagachaak

Re: War Craft ||| - 12/25/02 04:48 PM

i'll play with u...what's ur b.net name?