Posted by: Sicosis

WiFi - 04/30/04 10:16 PM

Anyone know of any good WiFi sniffers for war driving, I know of Netstumbler, AirSnare, Snort!, and Kismet. I just want one that will run on XP and tell me SSID, IP, and whatever else I need to know.
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Re: WiFi - 04/30/04 10:23 PM

Netstumbler IS the best one for windows. Period.

If you're using *nix then go kismet.

http://www.wardriving.com has a nice list of wifi tools.
Posted by: weeve

Re: WiFi - 05/02/04 06:57 AM

livejournal.com has two comms I know of for wardriving. war_driving, and wardrivers. for your pleasure. Though I know of no good linux ported wifi scanner apps as of yet to windows/xp. Airsnort looked like it had a port, but the two ports available don't work. My suggestion:/ Install a small linux install:D Like partition magic a 500meg partition, and add gentoo small version. I know it's like 80 megs. I don't know however how big it extracts to.

Yea Netstumblers is nice. For Pda there is something called MiniStumbler But I prefer PocketWinc.

Kismet does own for unices, and linux flavors. Unix variants are great for software. I trust kismet.

Netstumbler is not going to be able to detect APs with broadcast SSID disabled.
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Re: WiFi - 05/02/04 07:56 AM

I use Network Stumbler ... best i;ve tried
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Re: WiFi - 05/02/04 04:54 PM

Some bootable linux distros will have the tools that you need. Try knoppix-std.org, which contains the following tools on live distro CD:


wireless tools

* airsnarf : rogue AP setup utility
* airsnort : sniff, find, crack 802.11b
* airtraf : 802.11b network performance analyzer
* gpsdrive : use GPS and maps
* kismet 3.0.1 : for 802.11 what else do you need?
* kismet-log-viewer : manage your kismet logs
* macchanger : change your MAC address
* wellenreiter : 802.11b discovery and auditing
* patched orinoco drivers : automatic (no scripts necessary)
Also, just read a /. article and there was mention, I believe, of Kismet finding twice as many APs as Netstumbler.
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Re: WiFi - 05/02/04 09:29 PM

yep Netstumbler is not going to be able to detect APs with broadcast SSID disabled. that's probably one of many reasons /. had that listed.