NT Workstation and IIS

Posted by: Mornse

NT Workstation and IIS - 10/21/02 08:22 PM

Does IIS come with NT 4 Workstation? I've been looking around for it and can't find it and there's nothing about it in any help files. I thought NT came with IIS already installed but maybe it's only Server? I've been trying to use the Web Server Folder Traversal vulnerability to try it out for fun, but can't get any of my computers to properly run IIS, heh.
Posted by: Energy

Re: NT Workstation and IIS - 10/22/02 04:35 AM

Yes, you can run IIS 4 on an NT 4 Workstation. The one that comes with NT is IIS 3, just like on the server. You actually want to get the IIS 4 Option Pack for an NT Server and install this on the NT Workstation.

Posted by: Mornse

Re: NT Workstation and IIS - 10/25/02 07:49 PM

Yeah, but where is it located? I can't find it anywhere. (IIS executable i'm talking about)
Posted by: Satori

Re: NT Workstation and IIS - 09/19/03 03:19 AM

A month late, but I've still got a copy of the Option Pack CD... if you still need it, I could host it for a quick download....
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Re: NT Workstation and IIS - 09/19/03 08:51 PM

Wooo! NT4 with IIS... /me cackles
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Re: NT Workstation and IIS - 09/21/03 06:21 AM

heh, what is this topic doing way at the top? I must have posted this like over a year ago. weird.