Posted by: Spyrios

WHoppix - 11/30/04 01:54 AM


ANyone care to check this out and tell me how useful it would be or if it is just junk?
Posted by: Ice

Re: WHoppix - 11/30/04 07:47 AM

this remined me of Knoppix STD


Its another Linux distribution with tons of cracks etc..

If u like fooling around with vulnerabilities and crackers, then i guess its usefull.

I used to use Knoppix STD, but stoped using because it really isnt secure at all. Its just good for the tools and exploits.
Posted by: Nexus

Re: WHoppix - 03/23/05 09:11 PM

Whoppix kicks butt - tons of tools and exploits reasy to go, all from a live CD.
(I boot mine into VMWare from the .iso image on the hard drive, being a lazy git...)